Welcome to my website!

Hi hello, I'm the owner of this website, YDKJ. I hope you enjoy your visit, I suggest looking at the shrines since that's where most of my effort goes into lol. I'm pretty silly so don't expect me to get too serious! I feel like Splatoon is covering my entire website so if you hate Splatoon I guess keep scrolling, I also make lots of art (some awful) so if you wanna see silly junk then come on in!

I tried to make a draggable div dress up game just to find out I can't make it work. Sobbing and crying, I guess I'll have to actually work on the comic... (3/11/2024)

Use this image with the link if you want to link me back to any site https://ydkj.neocities.org/



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Work in progress comic, pages come out whenever I feel like it (18 year old with a practically full time job and still has to do school lol)