Ahoy fellows, I am "???." I'm just here to tell you the deets about what you're about to get into!... What, you want to know about me? No plus you can't get my autograph right now shut up!! Anyways, today you're a bounty hunter in training! I'm your boss and you better do everything I ask... We just need to leech off of the mind of whoever the protag will be for now.

I've decided on Mainland Yolk, who is this kid? Well, his record apparantly says that he's some supervillain or something, great!

The bell rings, looks like the school day is over. Mainland has to walk all the way back home as per usual, his backpack full of useless heavy books for his classes. As he walks down his usual path, he comes across something strange...

A tunnel has appeared over the train tracks that usually brings cargo around town, what could this possibly lead to? Mainland knows he needs to go back home but all of a sudden there's these voices telling him to come closer, he succumbs to his curiousity and peeks further. Once he reaches the light-

(The comic will be updated with an archive and explantion of everything once I complete the beginning of this project.)

Pssttt Hey it's me, you're doing great already! Keep up the good work. Sorry about my, erm, unprofessionism, but it keeps the job fun.