The weird world of unused Splatoon stuff plus concept art PLUS the wacky world of what happened with the English translation.

Obviously every game goes through a weird growth in development but with Splatoon, it's unused work is kind of uncanny to me. Like imagine if we actually got this version of Splatoon with rabbits. I look at the gas mask on the left and it just sort of freaks me out, it's not right. The icons on the left and right are actually found in the Mario Maker files, perhaps both games were being worked at the same time so some old splatoon renders were used for place holders or something.

Ah yes, the beta octolings in Splatoon 2, I remember when the dataminers discovered these guys in like 2018-2019 and literally everyone was laughing at the octoling boy for that goofy hairstyle. These don't creep me out at all, I mean the boy looks plain goofy meanwhile the girl is the standard octoling soldier but with inkling proportions. I'm still glad we got our octolings but I would like to see a timeline where the playable octolings are just like how they used to be, it would be interesting!

There are still small pieces of what Splatoon used to be in a little easter egg on a Splatoon 2 stage plus an unreleased item with a bunny pin on it. After all, bunnies were used before the designers came up with the Inklings (my friend hates the rabbits but I think they're cute with their angry little expressions!) Still incredibly cursed though and I rather have squids and octopi than these rabbits.

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