About me

Bobah, age 16, they/xem, big fan of phon. Image below can be used as a button for other websites

Copy this link: https://YDKJ.neocities.org/

Things about me

  • I collect the Splatoon manga (Coroika) but I'm a big fan of Pokemon: Pocket Monsters
  • I have a miku poster from 5 below like literally any teen just like me
  • my favorite color is yellow
  • I do agere
  • I got a tumblr
  • I also got an art blog but uh i dont feel like posting it right now.
  • I gotta make a diary blog on here, it'll be funny

Stuff I like

  • Object Shows
  • Pokemon
  • Disney jr shows
  • Jackbox games (especially YDKJ)
  • Nelward
  • Gregory Horror Show
  • Bugsnax
  • NiGHTS