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thy fursona:

This is Bob, mole fursona that is masc leaning all the time (they/them)
They live in a hole in the ground.
I'm Bobah (They/them), I'm a girly girl and a boyly boy. I am a professional silly billy. I do have a retail job so I may be slow. I don't hand out my discord username but my tumblr blogs are below this paragraph. I love computers and is obsessed with stuff like emulators and old tech. #1 windows vista defender, I'm just addicted to frutiger aero and maybe a little scene.

I also want to make websites for all of my best friends and create a webring for our friend group. My friends Lettuce and Riley already have their own websites but I'm up for helping them :]

Here's my art blog (not up anymore rn) plus my (NEW!) blog. Tumblr is the only social media I have.

special interests: Dislikes:
Splatoon DSMP/qsmp whatever
pokemon Sticky Stuff
Jackbox Twitter/Tiktok
Object shows That Changed game.
Most Nintendo franchises Lame people
bonus pear jumpscare boy!!!

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