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Hi my name is Bobah (age 17). Girly girl and boyly boy. I love the color yellow and orange, you can tell. I'm good at emulation, I taught myself how to emulate when I was 12 and now I managed to do some pretty impressive stuff! I've been drawing more seriously since 7th grade with sudden and random spurts of rapid improvement. Bearer of piled up rage and I will burst one day /silly.

Here's my art blog plus my reblog blog. Tumblr is the only social media I have.

Likes (special interests): Dislikes:
Splatoon DSMP
POKEMON! Sticky Stuff
Jackbox Twitter
Nelward (fave singer) Tiktok
Object shows Lame people

pear jumpscare

Cool websites:

Friends that don't have neocities button or doesn't have a site:

Lettuce (Game Developer/silly) Cuddledot (Will change to the neocities page once it begins, Artist/mad scientist) Nirogryphon (Crazy about P03 from Inscryption)