Who are you???

I'm bobah, I'm just here to make a very experimental comic. Here's where you can find more stuff about me: About Me

How long have you've been making this?:

Saint's Sunny-Side Resort is a project I've been working on since 2021, it has had many changes over the year so lets go over the inspirations and history of the comic up to this point. First things first is the original version of the comic, a video game novel using the little amount of coding I knew at age 15. Introducing the first protag: Jimmy Bitchspittle, this guy STINKS!

I don't like him, but you have to start from somewhere. Anyways, other characters were created years before I even thought about making a comic. Tennis is my favorite child besides a couple others, can you tell? I made Tennis when I was 13 back in September 2019 but I was only thinking of using him in something other than roleplays 2021 onwards. NOTE: These are drawings from when I was 13, all the way to late 2022 where I was 16, I used to have a very doodly art style lol.
I was also a weird kid, matured over time and refined Tennis by the time I was 17. Now he is the man you see today, but I have to confirm his origins as a 13 year old's uwu oc. 🙁
There are also other characters that have gone through YEARS of changes in which I'll show that as well soon