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Reviews below (WIP)

Game backlog, I bought them so I gotta play them now:
(Beating the game, yes I never actually beaten Minecraft... come on I play creative!)

Here's just a whole section just for Bugsnax, one of my fave games of all time.

Kinda bug and kinda snack, this game is actually so refreshing to play. From the company behind Octodad is this literal addictive to master the controls of game, its a monster-collecting game where you catch and feed little bug food monsters to your friends with totally no foreseen consequences! The game will hook you in with discovering the hundreds of these bugs living on Snaktooth Island, as well as the mystery behind the island as well! There's a wide range of characters coming to the island and it's your job to help them all, drama ensues. The game is simply just fun, it doesn't try to be something its not and just has a big ol heart! It's lots of fun and has always entertained me everytime I replayed it.