Rank: S (new season)
Salmon Run: Egg VP
Main: Splat Roller
Favorite Mode: Splat Zones

New Splatfest: Nessie/Aliens/Bigfoot (3/16/23)

This is most likely not a hot take but I don't like this theme, I was sooo hoping for a spring splatfest but nope. Why is it Nessie/Aliens/Bigfoot and not like Nessie/Something like Mothman/Bigfoot? Aliens are just too big of a concept while the other two are cryptids. Frye's definitley winning the popularity vote here I just know it. Gosh... I'm still fighting for my spring splatfest next year I LOVE SPRINGFEST AND THE PRETTY PASTEL COLORS!!!

Post Big Run 2 (3/9/23)

I... I got the gold horrorboros, I got more eggs than my overfisher friends who go to specific discord servers to set high scores but somehow I got the most by just being around randos in VP 400. Also yeah my high score was 144. Saw someone throwing a tantrum over how high you had to get to get bronze to gold but honestly? Not that hard. Inkblot Art Academy is a better salmon run map than a turf/ranked map plus super cheese-able.