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Welcome to my Splat Shrine, at the top of the page is all of my Splatoon links on my site, I also just ramble at the bottom of this site. I really like Frye lol.

Side order: Review and spoilers under these upcoming paragraphs (there will be a warning. 2/29/2024)

Yesterday, I looked through the files of splat 3 7.0 and side order, interesting things being that some of the animations for npc players in the Splatsville plaza are defined by "harley quinn." I have never seen anyone mention this. Also the animations for the zipcaster just breaks one of the arms of the player, turns it into literally only a couple of polygons. I found the easter splatfest files in the game already, they have all of the decorations ready for April and the music is there too.
But of course, today they announced another splatfest for march! Drums vs Guitar vs Keyboard.

Tis a good theme, Japan gets another food splatfest that's... chips, chips are common all around the world right? I don't get it lol. Also I'm totally team guitar, the splatfest art this time around will be awesome.

Anyways lets get into Side Order (SPOILER WARNING)

Welcome to the dlc that's literally just a hour of Pearl and Marina flirting with each other in an elevator, that is good. What is not good is the actual variety in floors, there is not enough to rationalize the amount of times you HAVE to replay over and over again. You have to play through the spire 12 times to 100% the DLC, that would be alright if there were more types of levels than just "catch fast guys, splat zones, hit the stick, and pop the portals" or more areas to fit those types into. Danger and bonuses help with making gameplay more unique but that can only go so far... My second biggest problem is the bosses, there are 3 besides smollusk (which is my new comfort character lolz), I feel like there should be like 5 to really make every spire run more randomized. I do really like Eight's palette challenge, limiting the amount of color chips you can get if you have too many hacks on, it's fun making the game harder!
Something that genuinely upsets me is the fact that the game glosses over agent 4, they are right there stuck as the security for the spire as smollusk forced them to. Why the heck doesn't Marina do anything about this? This is funny for allowing my friend Niro to make millions of angst art of his agent 4 oc being turned into this guard but this is a plotline Nintendo didn't bother to ever go into. Why put agent 4's palette in the lockers, why put agent 4 even in the game if you aren't actually going to do anything with it?!
Ok I'm too tired talking about the game, I'm just going to talk about the things I found in the files. Splatfest and the easter splatfest props in Inkopolis square are already in the game, (WIP, going to work 3/1/24)